Unfortunately, Dr. Beier is not accepting applications from prospective graduate students seeking to begin the doctoral program in Fall 2018.

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Useful Links:

You can find more information about the University of Maryland, College Park Psychology Graduate Program, specialty tracks, and faculty members who are accepting graduate students by visiting the following pages:

  1. Graduate Studies in Psychology
  2. Developmental Psychology Specialty Track
  3. Graduate FAQs Page
More Information:

There are many overlapping communities, organizations, and talk series on campus that interface with our lab’s research and that may be of interest to prospective grad students. Here are some useful links:

  1. Field Committee in Developmental Science
  2. Child Studies Consortium
  3. Program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
  4. Cognitive Science Colloquium
  5. Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture

One last thing, worth noting because it isn’t always obvious: the University of Maryland is very close to the College Park metro station, part of the Washington DC subway line and a 15-minute ride from all that downtown DC has to offer.