Interested in being part of the research team?

Research Assistantships

We are looking for motivated undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about the behavioral and social sciences. It’s always important to explore your interests! While we know not everyone who comes through our lab will want to go on to becoming developmental psychologists, we are looking for interested, hard-working, and committed students to take on the role of research assistants.

To apply, please send an e-mail to our lab manager, Suzanne Woller, at, with a copy of a completed RA Application and your resume. She will contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss your interests in working in the Lab for Early Social Cognition.

If you’re looking for more information about the roles of our RAs, the departmental policy for undergraduate research, or are just interested in perusing the available information, please visit the below links for more information.

Useful Links:

Click here to to learn more on how to participate in undergraduate research through the Department of Psychology at UMD

We will have more useful links added, please check back soon!